The Rams Have a New Look

2020 is the start of a new era for the Los Angeles Rams – with a new home at SoFi Stadium, which will set a standard for sports and entertainment – and a new brand.  Since returning home to Los Angeles, the organization has worked to develop an identity that celebrates both the team’s storied history and the diverse and dynamic community of LA – a brand that respects the past and represents the future.  This new look is part of an effort to deliver an unprecedented experience for Rams fans, on Sundays and all year round.

Respect the Past

Founded in 1936, the Rams organization has always been one to evolve and pioneer with purpose, no matter where they called home.  Over time, the team has introduced a variety of logos and marks to represent it, with varying shapes, themes and colors.  Through the decades, one element has been a constant – the horns.  The Los Angeles Rams were the first team to have a logo on their helmet, when in the 1940’s FB Fred Gehrke painted horns on his helmet and the team permanently adopted that look.

The Colors

The Rams new team colors blend historic looks with added vibrancy

Rams Royal, is named after the legacy that the color Royal has with the organization and in celebration of the team’s history.

Sol, the Rams new yellow, is named after the bold sunshine of Southern California and also represents the ‘soul’ of the team.

Represent the Future

The LA mark was crafted with a focus on the horn intertwining with LA, ensuring that the Rams are forever tied to the city of Los Angeles. The gradient in the horn transitions from a white horn to a more vibrant ‘Sol’ horn as a way to pay homage to the evolution of the color of the horns that have historically adorned the Rams’ helmets.

The mark was crafted to evoke a sense of upward and forward movement, amplified by the gradients. The letters are italicized, mirroring the connected, progressive nature of both LA and the Rams organization. The depth of the mark design creates a sophisticated look unique to the Rams within the ecosystem of the NFL.

The Design Inspiration

By focusing on the most iconic part of the team’s brand identity throughout franchise history – the Horn – the Rams discovered nature’s beauty unfold with the golden ratio (aka Fibonacci Sequence) in its curvature. This same ratio underpins the perfect spiral and the perfect wave and became the driving concept behind the new logos.

Ram Head

The ‘Ram Head’ pays homage to the organization’s history, pulling inspiration from the team’s earliest logos. The current Ram Head is a modern take on that historical look, which features the new, iconic horn.

The Horn

 The shape of the ram horn that connects both logos mimics the spiral of a football and the crest of a wave in the ocean, the same design drivers that influenced SoFi Stadium, which the Rams will call home starting this year.

Logo Lockup


The ‘Three Stack’ wordmark was developed to reflect the spirit of designs currently seen across Los Angeles’ dynamic lifestyle culture.

Welcome to the Rams House!

Get a first look at what the Rams new home, SoFi Stadium, will look like this fall!

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The Rams worked with world-class design teams, NFL representatives, and their fans to develop their colors and identity system. Here are the highlights of that two year process. For more of an in-depth look at the entire rebrand process stay on the lookout for the Rams docu-series.